Marketing for Small Businesses

Video Marketing

Four ways to help you achieve marketing success on social media platforms. 

social media marketing success tips

Why is Marketing Success On Social Media Important?  In today’s day in age, we rely on social media for many things. Learning how to’s, what the latest trends are, and so much more. It’s important to create a space that is uniquely targeting your business and brand…

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Using Facebook Live To Connect & Sell Online For Small Business Owners

Facebook live for small business owners

Facebook Live for small business owners has been crucial during the CoVid-19 pandemic. Many of our clients have had to close their business doors because they are considered nonessential services. However, there is still a way to continue doing business and also to connect to them while…

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Importance of Captioning Social Media Videos


We know, we know… you don’t always just watch Youtube videos or scroll through Facebook from the comfort of your own home. Overhearing your partner scrolling through their feed and stopping to watch the latest news bulletin or NSFW video just requires a simple “hey, put it…

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Say What? The Value of Customer Interviews For Small Business Marketing

Customer interviews and vidos can revolutionize your business. So you think you’ve got your video marketing game down for your small business. You have a few Facebook pre-recorded and Live videos under your belt, you’ve gotten past the initial hiccups and deer-in-the-headlights dead air time, and you…

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Email Newsletters Benefit from Videos

Are you interested in kicking your email newsletter up a notch? With the capability of small businesses to basically reach consumers anywhere at any time, standing out from the crowd is paramount to your communications getting noticed and gaining traction.  Adding video to your next email communication may…

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Video Marketing Trends And Why It Matters To Small Businesses

Companies are finding that video content is the most effective way to share news, entertainment, advertisements — even recipes. Using just your smartphone, you too can create videos that will build your business’s online presence more than any other type of content. Social Media Marketing Is Going…

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5 Tips for Video Marketing & Your Small Business

When it comes to running a small business, one of the most difficult aspects is generating a solid client base. It may come as a shock, but it is near impossible to run a business of any scale without people knowing what you do…or that you exist…

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Winter Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Winter is here and with it comes a great time to reflect on fresh starts and new ideas to ramp up your marketing efforts. Website Refresh Haven’t given your website any love lately? Not getting the traffic you used to get when you first launched that bright and…

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How To Humanize Your Brand In 5 Steps

People want to do business with people. Not Brands! The first step I take with a client is to look at their brand from a human perspective. Help them craft their unique story! Parts of the story: What is the brands mission? What are the core values?…

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Using Social Video Marketing to Tell Your Story

Every small business has a story.  Your inspiration, your passion, your product.  The value to small businesses of video-sharing sites, such as YouTube, lies in the simplicity of getting your story out. All you need is a smartphone and a basic eye for framing a shot and you…

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Marketing Tools For During and After Events To Maximize Your Exposure!

You’ve crafted your message – you know who you are, what you can offer and you can prove it. You’ve put all the passion and power behind that message to show you are a leader, you’re go-to, you’re THE choice.  Well, great!  But now what? If an…

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Facebook Live Complete Guide

I wrote this comprehensive and Complete Facebook Live How To Guide to help businesses understand what Facebook Live is, why you should use Facebook Live, the differences in video streaming apps and a step by step how to use Facebook Live how to for before, during and post recording. This new…

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What is Marketing?

There are many different definitions of marketing but I really like this one. Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. — The Process of Know, Like, Trust Marketing…

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Putting Social Video in Motion

You’re ready to take the plunge and are all set to get your social video game on.  You’ve lined up the event you want to promote, the product you want to demonstrate, testimonials from customers and experts in the field you want to share… now what? What To…

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Meet Steve, Videographer

Steve Foran graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, focusing on video and audio production. After working as a videographer/editor with a media company for three years, he stepped out do work on his own. Types of Video Work We Can…

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