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How To Humanize Your Brand In 5 Steps

How to create a business storyPeople want to do business with people. Not Brands! The first step I take with a client is to look at their brand from a human perspective. Help them craft their unique story!

Parts of the story:

  • What is the brands mission?
  • What are the core values?
  • What types of people work there?
  • Why was the business started?
  • What was the problem that the business fixes?

Once we have a list of all of these answers we begin to create a picture to humanize the brand and truly can share a story.

Tips for helping people connect with your brand and sharing bits of your story:

  1. Instead of a logo use a picture of you or your staff in social media profiles. I like to use the logo smaller on the photo. Or take the logo and personify it for the seasons, holidays etc.
  2. Share behind the scenes footage – use live video or just video and photos. Show what life is like on big project days or delivery days. Reveal and open a box of new products to show off and talk about.
  3. Use Live/Video to interview staff, how they found you, why they love working for you etc.
  4. Use Live/Video to interview customers, how they found you, what problem you solved for them and what is like to work with your team.
  5. Share your vision, core values and why you started the company. Craft your story and share it. Then when situations arise where you apply it, take a picture or video and share it. Walk the walk!

Don’t feel you have to be so “professional” all the time. You and your staff are many times your differentiator, your secret weapon. Share and share often. People will begin to get to know you, and trust you! Your story will also help create and build on loyalty!



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