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Celebrating Juneteenth – A guide for small businesses

Juneteenth and small businesses

Juneteenth is just around the corner. Do you know what it is? And how your small business can help elevate and celebrate this important date? In this post, we will explore the history of Juneteenth and ways small businesses can make an impact. What is Juneteenth? According…

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Facebook Likes Are Leaving Business Pages

Facebook is changing business pages. They are removing likes and only using follows.

Have you seen the announcements? Facebook likes are leaving business pages. It’s always been a bit hazy having both likes and follows. However, now Facebook has decided to make that more clear by getting rid of likes.  Before the switch, someone could like your page, but not…

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November Retail Holiday Marketing Blitz

Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday. Phew! The November retail holiday marketing blitz is here! But what to focus on? Where do you put your time, energy and budget? Can you hit all these targets without overwhelming or confusing your customers? Definitely. By putting…

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It’s National Marketing Celebration Day!

Beverly Cornell Marketing

Well, not exactly… although we do celebrate marketing every day around here! But really, who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate? Inject a bit of the unexpected into your business calendar by playing into the wealth of all the off-the-wall and crazily specific holidays out there. Whether…

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Marketing Tools For During and After Events To Maximize Your Exposure!

You’ve crafted your message – you know who you are, what you can offer and you can prove it. You’ve put all the passion and power behind that message to show you are a leader, you’re go-to, you’re THE choice.  Well, great!  But now what? If an…

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When To Do Event Marketing

When you are considering how best to market your product or service to consumers, there is nothing like an in-person experience.  Event marketing is the avenue that allows for a real-world encounter, the opportunity to both introduce yourself to potential customers and reinforce existing relationships between your…

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Why Should My Business Focus on Events?

Many businesses question if event marketing is something they need. We believe the ability to connect with your customer one-on-one is very powerful. Businesses can target who you want to speak with, when you want to speak with them, with the exact message you want them to…

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