Marketing for Small Businesses

Why Should My Business Focus on Events?

successful event marketingMany businesses question if event marketing is something they need. We believe the ability to connect with your customer one-on-one is very powerful. Businesses can target who you want to speak with, when you want to speak with them, with the exact message you want them to hear and experience.  That’s the power of integrated marketing.

All About Testing

Events take that level of personalization and bring it alive for your consumer.  Events may be the only opportunity to touch, taste, feel and experience your product in person before they purchase.  The ability to hold your product in their hand or try it on or take it for a spin, to run their hand across the fabric, knock on it to see how solid it is, see how the color glows in the sun or how just that one bite crunches in their mouth.  It’s the visceral – the touch, taste, smell. It’s the emotional connection to a product that come from a first-hand, in-person experience.

Experience Beyond Media Messages

We spend so much of our lives on-screen via computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets and television. It makes sense that a large portion of marketing and advertising efforts are delivered via these avenues and speak to where your customer can actually be reached.  Events take that targeted message and make it tangible, not just a message but an experience.

One-on-One Is Where The Customer Converts!

So although our screens aren’t going anywhere, neither is the power of a one-on-one, in-person experience to reach beyond the screen and make a connection person to person.

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