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Facebook Likes Are Leaving Business Pages

Have you seen the announcements? Facebook likes are leaving business pages. It’s always been a bit hazy having both likes and follows. However, now Facebook has decided to make that more clear by getting rid of likes. 

Before the switch, someone could like your page, but not choose to follow it. That means that the person would never see your content on their feed. When they are a follower, your content gets added to their feed.

What Is The Difference Of Facebook Likes & Follows

Some businesses think likes are more important and some follows. Follows is a much stronger account of the number of viewers you have (these are the people who are much more likely to see your content). The organic reach for businesses is already fairly low so only a small percent of followers actually see your page posts. If you are watching, you may have already seen a drop in reach from some other businesses adopting the changes.

After the switch from the classic page to the new page, the people who like and follow you will continue to be followers. Those that liked you but didn’t follow you won’t transfer over to the new page. Page likes won’t be supported and will no longer be accessible on the new page. If you decide to switch back to the classic page, your followers do remain the same. Also, you will still be able to see the likes and your new follows from the new page will come with you.

The New Pages Layout On Facebook

There are other features that might make it worth the changes. The layout is redesigned to be more simple and intuitive (according to Facebook). There is a dedicated news feed that is meant for discovery, conversations, trends, and engagement. There’s easy navigation between personal and business pages. Along with a host of other features that are meant to better our experiences as businesses. 

If you have decided to go with the new page you may want to warn your followers and page likes of the changes. Make a short little announcement to your audience and encourage them to FOLLOW your page if they haven’t already. Remember there are always bugs that need to be worked out when there is a new rollout on Facebook so patience may be key. Happy posting!

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