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Marketing Tools For During and After Events To Maximize Your Exposure!

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You’ve crafted your message – you know who you are, what you can offer and you can prove it. You’ve put all the passion and power behind that message to show you are a leader, you’re go-to, you’re THE choice.  Well, great!  But now what?

If an A+ message launches on your website but there’s no one there to read it, does it have an impact?  You need to get your message out to the right customer to have the most impact.  But how do you cut through all the clutter, the marketing, and advertising, that bombards all of us each day when we read an online article, log onto Facebook, listen to music, drive down the street?!  What can you do to stand out from the masses and get your finely-honed message out in the right way, in a way that speaks to potential customers and reaches through to capture their attention?

This is where events prove their value, targeting the audience you want and immersing them in a real world experience.  With all the tools in our social media kit, there has never been a better time to use your event in-motion to promote your product.  So not only do you get the bang of having hands-on potential customers experiencing your product and your world, you can use that environment as a force of promotion via all your social media platforms.

Promote your event in real time:

  • FB posts and FB live videos, Tweets and Instagram shots of the action are engaging ways to reach your customer where they are in real time.  We all love to be part of something and in on the action, especially if it is a product and lifestyle that speaks to you.
  • Have a live Q&A with someone at your event answering questions via Facebook to marry the best of both worlds – cyber-attendees.

Document the event for future promotion and use: 

Sure, you can tell customers your last event had a huge turnout and there were great samples and a delicious spread but isn’t it more impactful and straight up more fun to show them?  The old journalism adage to “Show, Don’t Tell” holds true here.  

  • Hire a photographer for your next big event and catch the action and reactions of your customers for use in publicizing your next program.  
  • No budget? Use your own smartphone to capture the event and provide a “person-on-the-street” view of what you want to highlight.  
  • Or provide opportunities onsite to have customers get in on the action by being rewarded for posting their own photos on FB or Instagram and getting rewarded for “Likes.”  

Partner with other businesses:  

If an organization works in your area and complements your business then it makes sense to support one another. 

  • Example: Your restaurant is running a morning special featuring a healthy breakfast platter?  Reach out to your favorite gym in town and share your event information with them and reciprocate.  Cross-promotion not only bulks up an event and provides a richer experience for attendees but also broadens a number of potential customers you can reach.

Consider all the opportunities to reach out to your customers, wherever they may be.  The sights, tastes, and sounds of your event may be experienced virtually by some but the message is captured live and in real time, retaining all the power and punch you worked so hard to create.

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