Marketing for Small Businesses

Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing = Traffic For Businesses

Whatever the industry, a large portion of your customers are on social media, and marketing to them is essential to grow your business. There are so many people on social media in this day and age it’s like a second job to them. Having access to all those customers helps businesses boost all kinds of traffic. Social media posts provide an opportunity for new web content, growth, and click through to your site so businesses need social media marketing. Posts will show up in the feeds of followers and people interested in your product. It won’t just boost your traffic, it will bring in the type of traffic you want to attract. There are times when a single link could drive upwards of 20,000 visitors. When you use social media for business it boosts your website search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine crawlers know which pages are consistently getting traffic and which are just floating around, forgotten, and ignored. Even though your content strategy is the most important factor in your search rankings, driving traffic to your most optimized pages will cause them to grow faster.

Social media can help you understand your audience.

When you look at what makes social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram great marketing tools, it is customer interactions. When you read their statuses, comments, and tweets you get to know their daily lives and behaviors. Then you can be ready for what products they are buying, what hobbies they have, what posts and websites they are interested in.

Benefits of social media marketing in business.

The benefits are obvious. Understand your customer, write better content, get more traffic. Then, if you are lucky the benefits can go beyond the marketing reach and help you identify and improve customer pain points, sales conversions, and your business strategy so you can grow. When you have an active social media presence it builds relationships with your audience. Consumers see Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter as fun.

Your approach to social media.

That is the challenge when you’re first developing your social media marketing strategy. A lot of companies instinctively take a selling approach, sending their followers offer codes, new product announcements, and customer reviews. Then, when the account only brings in modest traffic gains, they assume social just isn’t a good fit for their brand. Keep that 80/20 rule in mind. 80 percent of your content should be fun, informative and easy to share. Less than 20% should be sales. Customers want authentic engagement. Start seeing it as a way to connect with them, it can transform your brand. You help customers by answering their questions, entertaining and informing them with relevant content, and even forming bonds over shared interests.

If you take in this information and make the necessary changes to your platforms you will get a ton of exposure. That exposure brings in new leads. Leads become followers, followers become possible customers and possible customers become possible promoters, continuing the life of marketing.

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