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Improve Your Social Media Images: Four Photography Tips

Whether you’re a beginner on social media or you’re a pro and have been using it for years, you probably use your cell phone for your images. It’s convenient and most of them take rather decent images now. However, most of the time if you’re doing any sort of work for a corporation or any larger company they will want high-resolution images. That is when the camera on your cell just isn’t going to cut it anymore.You need a higher pixel camera that will take high-resolution images for those clients that are going to use them for a multitude of purposes. Now, this is not all you need. There is a learning curve for photography.

Four Photography Tips:

1. Learn your camera inside and out. There are so many different settings you may never know all of them, but you need to have a good understanding of them.
2. You need a little bit of framing and composition: centering everything in the middle of the frame is a no go unless you are taking product photos. Now, this may go against all you stand for with your perfect placement of all things in your home, but believe me, off-center is better.
3. The lighting is of the utmost importance. Unless you’re absolutely into it and you want and can afford to have an assistant take and carry your extra light, you’re going to need to pay attention to your lighting. This can be taken care of with the ISO settings.
4. The background is important. You don’t want to take an image not paying attention to the background, go to edit it and find something in the background you did not see before. It may just ruin the image. Use that negative space.

Those are just a small portion of all the tips and techniques on improving images for social media. Now, I know it’s not convenient like your cell camera, but if you want to take good photos and get great results you might want to think about investing in a high-resolution camera and looking up a few tips and tricks of your own. There are so many tricks and techniques that can be used to make good images into great ones.

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