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Staying On Top Of Things When You’re Staying At Home (For Work!)

Working From Home Is Easy… Isn’t It?

I was blessed with a very special opportunity two and a half years ago: to work from home. As naive as I once was, I thought working from home would be easy-peasy lemon-squeezy right off the bat. No commute, no need to buy an entire wardrobe of work clothing, no need to find a daycare for my son. This was going to be easy! In fact, it was not. I had a terrible time with my time management and distractions for the first few months. But like all things, it got easier. I found my groove and became more successful in my work from home journey.

It Gets Better!

Now that I’m two and a half years into this wonderful journey, I’ve learned quite a few things I’d love to pass on to any potential people that may be considering working from home. I love working from home now that I’ve set my boundaries, found some helpful tips, and given myself the time to become a better worker. Time management and distractions are the top two issues for those who choose to work from home. Let’s dive into some great tips and tricks I’ve gathered from other sources and my own experiences.

My Favorite Tips And Tricks

  • Set Boundaries: If you have a family at home with you, this may be difficult at first. A common misconception of working at home is that some may think you can get up, leave, and do whatever you whenever you want. But wait! When are you alotted the time to work if this is the case? Set boundaries with family and friends (nicely) to let them know that although you are at home, you are working. In my own experience, I found setting my specific ‘workday hours’ to get my main workload done worked out best for me. Now, if something else came up outside of those hours, of course, you can work on it! I was able to work on these as-needed tasks at other times during the day as well, but I no longer had to worry about my daily to-do list not being taken into account.
  • Motivate Yourself: Look into some self-motivation techniques to help you build confidence and focus. If you constantly feel overwhelmed with the tasks at hand, speak to someone! Get help! Don’t feel like you are all alone just because you’re working at home.
  • Minimize Distractions: With children and animals in the home, this may be a tough one. It’s not impossible though. Simply closing the door to your office or stepping into a different area of the house to complete your work can work for you. You can even take your work to a local coffee shop and take a breather!
  • Create A To-Do List For Your Day: Creating a physical to-do list for your tasks for the day will help you ensure you get what needs to be done, done. Cross an item out every time you complete it, and move on to the next! I assure you it will aid you in making sure the most important tasks for that day get accomplished.
  • Set An Alarm: How cheesy does this sound? Very, but it’s helpful! When you work at home and don’t have a ‘set’ time to be at the office, you may consider sleeping in. Don’t do this. You need to set your alarm and get your workday started!

Take It From Me: You Can Do It!

Yes, working from home with an entire family and multiple pets and a toddler is possible! This is my life. I am able to work from home and am grateful for this opportunity each day. Distractions are only a bump in the road, not a stopping point. You can do this. Start with a few of these tips and I guarantee you’ll be mastering this work at home job in no time. You might even have to share a few of your tips with me.

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