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2020 Marketing Goals That You Can Stick To

Bye, 2019! Hello, 2020!

2019 has absolutely flew by. I felt like we were just planning for 2019 events, and yet, now it’s time to look forward in 2020. If you’re just as baffled as me, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you reach your 2020 goals.

Here are some ideas you might want to consider in 2020 for your business.

  • Ensure you’re answering your messages on social media. Customers want to know they’re being heard and can communicate with you in their comfort zone.
  • React and respond to those comments! If you don’t feel the need to respond to each and every comment, at least react to it to show your customer you saw them.
  • Use Instagram stories. Have fun with it! This is probably the most fun part of your job.
  • Personalize where you can. Use those inserts in emails that allow you to pull your customer’s name into an email. Respond to reviews addressed to the reviewer’s name.
  • Focus on customer retention just as much, if not more, than new leads.
  • Take notice of the customers who sing your praises and go out of your way to treat them, in a big or small way.
  • Videos, videos, videos. Boomerangs, short snippets, longer videos, you name it. Share them.
  • Live videos! These are a hit! If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, do practice shots. Act as if you’re talking to the person behind the camera.

Here’s to a great 2020 and a successful year for all!

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