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How To Get Back To Business Post COVID-19

As more and more small businesses around the country are getting the green light to open back up to the public in varying capacities, we all are working out how to get back to business post COVID-19 and a new norm. Meeting the necessary safety requirements while also providing customers with a reassuring and familiar experience is something different service and retail businesses will need to define as we move forward. 

Adapt Your Business To Survive Harder Times 

Adapting and rolling with the punches has always been a key component of success. To be able to adapt to the market and work to stay ahead of the curve has never been more relevant as we navigate this new way of doing business. Communicating with your customers clearly defined plans for returning to business – new procedures and safety measures that may be in place so they can expect when doing business with you – will go a long way in managing your customers’ expectations and lowering your stress and frustration levels. 

How To Get Back To Business Post COVID 19

Depending on your business and your area, re-opening and getting back to business will look different and have different timelines. But there are certain consistent areas to focus on, no matter where you are or what you do.

1. Get Creative

Social distancing has required all of us to be creative in how we reach out to one another. As we continue to figure out what our new business landscape will look like, thinking of new ideas and ways of doing business is beneficial. Businesses have already moved forward with new procedures in providing phone ordering and curbside pick-up, an emphasis on credit transactions to reduce contact, and additional safety measures taken for in-person experiences.

Whether you own a gift shop that adds a “sanitation station” to your business’s entryway, a restaurant doing home delivery to local customers, or a healthcare provider instating additional cleaning and safety measures such as adding plexiglass to reception areas and minimizing front desk contact, relaying these changes in a creative way can help make customers feel at ease. 

2. Communication, Communication, Communication

Realtors may be on to something with there being one driving force in a business approach. There is definitely a main theme when it comes to welcoming back your customers and instilling in them the confidence that you can provide for their needs – communicating what they can expect when they do business with you. Things may initially, or possibly even for the long-term, operate a little differently, especially for brick and mortar businesses, so sharing what customers will see when they visit and what this new relationship will look like will help reassure them.

  • Social Media – New hours, new safety measures for customers and employees, new office procedures? Get the word out! Manage expectations by avoiding surprises. Provide clear information on what is expected on all ends to help make so many “new” additions known.  Use Facebook Live and video tours to share with your customers and clients what they can expect when they walk through your door or even visit your website. Post shots of staff in action with masks, create signs for your doors and in-store, share your new hours, how you are cleaning things in-house – put them at ease by showing them you have things in order and under control.
  • Emails/Newsletters – Things look different, this is a great place to own it. Share what you’ve done to get things ready to welcome back them back to your business. By showing the work and steps you have taken to ensure their safety. you show you value their experience. 
  • Online presence – Consider bulking up your online presence for customers who prefer to shop from home as well as to have an option for any future changes to your hours of operation. Reaching your loyal customers and providing them with an in-home option for doing business with you can make a huge difference in the retention of your brand loyalists. Use Facebook Lives to feature products, have Facebook Parties, sell mystery bags full of goodies, have fun! 

Planning for the Future

As we navigate these new waters, it may not be business as usual but you still can do the usual business, even if things may look a little different. Reassure your customers that your level of service and the quality that they expect from your brand are as solid as they have always been. Consider this an opportunity to re-invent areas of your business that have needed a refresh. Or add new products based on the current needs of society. By taking on this new challenge head-on, you may discover new opportunities for your business to tackle whatever comes your way. If you’d like some guidance in getting back to business, contact us at as we’d love to offer our support.

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