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Google Drive For Business

While trying to find a way to manage your business, you’ll run across a few platforms. One of these will be Google Drive. If you’ve got a Gmail Account, you’ve got Google Drive. Let’s get into a few reasons you’ll want to consider using Google Drive to organize your business. We use it with our virtual team and with our clients.

The CostGoogle Drive is great for your small business.

Google Drive is free. Yes, I said free. While it is free, that doesn’t mean it skimps out on any features. You’re able to use all features available with no limits. If you’re looking for a great low cost or no cost platform for organizing your business, here you go. There is a premium level but most functionality is free.

A Great Amount Of Storage

When you think about using a free platform to run your business, you might be thinking that you’ll be shorted on storage. Again, this is not the case. With Drive, they give you a whopping 15 gigabytes to store to your heart’s content. Personally, I’ve been using the Drive for a year and a half and I’ve only used three out of the fifteen gigabytes. This includes the facts that I’ve never really tried to go and clean out files I don’t use anymore. Storage is no worry with Google Drive.

It’s Great For Teams

Why? When you go edit a document you’ve previously shared with someone else, it automatically updates the file in the Drive every time you edit the document in real time. There’s no need to keep sharing the same file or folder back and forth every time you edit it. When you put a document or photo in a folder, anyone who accesses that folder can just check it and it’ll be there. There’s no need to send it to them and have them upload it into their Drive themselves. You can share folders, documents, sheets, and so much more with anyone via an email address.

Google Drive Is Great For Your Small Business

When it comes to organizing your business, there’s plenty of options out there. We recommend Google Drive because it’s worked for us and our team. We’d love to show you just how Google Drive can work for you and your team to keep up to date with each other.

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