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Five Online Photo Editing Websites To Check Out

You may be wondering, “Why do I need a photo editing website if I’ve got a graphic designer?”Well, I’m about to tell you. There are certain situations in which you may need a quick image created or you just need to add a logo to an existing image. In these moments, it’s worth it to have a photo editing and design website a click away. You don’t have to be a photoshop pro to make beautiful images. Here are five different graphics creation websites we’ve worked with and recommend.

PicMonkeyPhoto Editing Websites

Let’s start with PicMonkey. This is a great all-around website that is very easy to use. They have frames, overlays, effects, and the basic edits that will help you get what you need. You can choose to upload an image to edit or design an image with a custom size or a template. Once you’re done with the image, you can change the dimensions if you didn’t already specify the size beforehand. PicMonkey has specific image templates based on what platform you’d like to post the image on. Need to use your own font on PicMonkey? No problem! You can add your fonts to use easily. PicMonkey also has an app for iPhones and Androids in case you need to touch up a photo on the go.



Canva is another great image editor and designer. The designing website has millions of stock images at your fingertips for your use. These generally come with the paid membership. You can also use your own photos if you want. This site also has plenty of filters to use over your photos, and free icons and shapes to overlay your designs. You can also use your own overlays to add logos and whatnot, of course! Canva also has a few different membership options to purchase. And with a mobile app similar to PicMonkey, touch-ups or edits on the go are easy.



DesignBold is “graphic designing, simplified”. You can start out on DesignBold by picking out a layout then going to edit it. You can upload your own photos and logos, pick out one of many stock photos provided by DesignBold, change the color scheme, add a font, and much more. Image resizing can be simply done by DesignBold as well! You can do all the basic edits in DesignBold, and then some.


Design Wizard

Design Wizard is a new to me graphic design platform. With their tools, you’re able to create beautiful designs in just minutes! You can choose from professional pre-made templates or create your own images by just choosing the size of the image you need. Once you choose what image you want to create, whether a template or your own, you can go check out the images they have for you to use. You’re given a certain number of credits to ‘purchase’ these images when on the free plan, but upgrade your plan and you’ve got unlimited credits at your disposal! Each image and video available in their library is always licensed for your use so you have no worry of copyright complications.

Design Wizard:


EDIT is a great alternative for businesses. This online tool offers thousands of templates ready to edit in one click. Their focus is on business niches, so instead of looking for formats, you’ll have to find your business type, and from them, you’ll discover all the templates for your needs. This is helpful because you don’t have to think about what you want to create, but what you are offering. For example, if you are a restaurant, you’ll find thousands of templates for menus, but also everything you need for your daily communication: offers, promos, discounts, a weekend menu, a closed sign, a job offer… everything is there and you can find it with the same look and feel. It’s more than a graphic editor, it is a marketing tool too.


Try Them Out!

I recommend using the free trials these websites give out to see which site you like the best. They are all different in their own ways and each has something to give. It just depends on your preferences!

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