Marketing for Small Businesses

How To Use Storytelling To Help Marketing



People want to do business with other people, not just a name and not just a stock photo of a smiling face. People crave connections and emotional attachments. Your business and/or brand shouldn’t just be a logo…ever. And your feed shouldn’t be filled with pitches and sales.  Storytelling is the best marketing! Here are three ways you can share stories and help your business at the same time.

Share Passion

Why did you start the business? What happened to drive you to do one of the hardest things imaginable – take that leap of faith. Folks want to cheer for you and support you with their dollars but you have to show them that you deserve it. Talk about why your business is your passion. Why what you do matters. Post pictures of you just starting out. Before you were rocking the business person mode. When you didn’t have a clue. And show your steps of success.

Share Life

People want a behind the curtain view of your business too. Even if its just a few peeks. Share photos of delivery day, or everyone being silly. These are the moments social media was made for, real-time and real-life moments. Don’t be contrived or staged. Be genuine. It shouldn’t be all business all the time.  Show people what life is like at your business and in your office culture. For example: If its #NationalChewingGum day – have everyone blow bubbles and take pics. And share. This is just fun stuff. And the added side effect will be a great team building opportunity.

Share Out-takes

Everyone loves bloopers and out-takes. Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourselves. This is probably the hardest (for the business owner) and the most fun in social media. Businesses want to look professional and buttoned up. But showing your human side actually makes you more relatable. And makes people feel endeared to you and your brand. Own up to your mistakes is actually a great sign of integrity.

Be creative. Be genuine. Be you. The general rule of thumb is 80% of your posts should not be about your business or selling. So you have a ton of content opportunities to fill. Using these fun ideas should get you a ton more engagement and ultimately more business and loyalty.




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