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3 Tips For Small Business Owners To Stay Focused

Get focused on your small businessAre you heading back into a busy work environment? Maybe you are still working from home but work is feeling overwhelming with the holiday season quickly approaching and you want to hit the reset button. Here are 3 simple yet effective tips to help you stay focused, reset and recharge your work life! 

1. Remove distractions

This is a great time to reorganize your office space and desk area! Removing items or objects that can tempt your attention is a great place to start. Organizing your space can clear up clutter and free your mind to think about other things. Consider placing your phone in a different room, (at least for an hour or two so you can focus) This can also help minimize distractions such as calls, text messages, or social media notifications that can direct your attention to your phone instead of work. 

2. Prioritize your day

Prioritizing your day can be done in whatever manner you’ll understand best! A common method is to start by gathering a list of all the things that need to be accomplished in your work life. Ask yourself questions like “What is due soon? what are the goal for myself, my team, and my company? What do I want to accomplish in my day today? tomorrow? next week? How can my day be efficient and effective?” We use a project management tool, called Monday. But you could use any tool that helps you.

By asking yourself these questions you’ve prioritized already how your want your day to look like which is PRODUCTIVE! Change the questions to better fit your work environment, we don’t all work the same jobs! Don’t forget to do one task at a time, multitasking can cause you to miss simple things.  

3. Be Well Rested

Now that you’ve cleaned up your work area, prioritized your work schedule, now we focus on your sleep schedule. Studies show that individuals who experience disruptive sleeping patterns often at night may lead to cognitive impairments. It can reduce a person’s attention, learning, and processing. Some studies compare it to the same effect as being drunk which slows down thinking and reaction time.  It’s better to get a good night’s sleep to prevent you from wanting to take a midday nap at your desk! Don’t want your boss to catch you snoozin’! 

These may seem simple and pretty obvious but they can be effective ideas that can help create a less chaotic environment to work in for you,  your small business, your team, and your customers!



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