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Mobile Friendly Email Marketing

Smartphones in hand, Americans go out every morning and night to stay connected, in the know and current. With roughly 77% of US adults owning smartphones and 54% of email now being opened on mobile devices, communicating to your audience needs to be both user and mobile-friendly.

Get to the Point

We’re inundated every day with messaging, branding and advertising. It is key to get to the point, to be concise and direct. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a little flourish to stand out from other messaging, just keep in mind that you’re writing the equivalent of a 30-second commercial versus a feature film.

  • Keep that subject line on target. On average, mobile devices display 25-30 characters. Keep that in mind when composing your subject line.  Company name, product offer or call to action are great elements to include.
  • Hook your reader with your very first line of email copy. This is called the pre-header text and it displays along with the subject line in your email. Making sure this sentence is attention-getting and conveys your message will encourage taking that important next step – opening your email.
  • Break your copy into short and easily-digestible segments of information by using bullets, lists, and short paragraphs that can be quickly read by your reader. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to get the main message you are conveying and the action you want them to take.

Make Connections

What action do you want your reader to make? Do you want them to visit your store? Buy your product? Like you on Facebook? Or give a Google+ review? Make it as easy as possible for them!

  • reading email on phone, beverly cornell consultingButtons are a great way to make connecting to your business simple. Whether it be an offer button like “Buy Now” or buttons connecting readers to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, providing a call to action in response to your message gives the reader a nudge to reach out to you. And remember to leave white space around those tiny buttons and any links to make them user-friendly for fumbling fingers.
  • Include the information your reader wants to know – location, hours and pricing are all great information to include to help them act on the offer or message you are sharing.

Picture Perfect

Images in email messaging are a bonus but don’t use them as the main messenger. Those pictures you carefully select to include in your email don’t always make it through to the reader as not all mobile devices are set to display them by default.

  • Include alternate text for when users have images turned off on their mobile device. Text should describe the image and message intent.
  • Consider mixing up your images by including product shots, store shots, social media icons and content images like infographics to give your reader what they need to find you and learn something in the process.

Email marketing is a solid targeted choice when building your marketing plan. By considering HOW your user reads your email, you make it easier for your audience to not only receive but read and act on your message.










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