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3 Ways Small Businesses Can Achieve Balance In Social Media Marketing

small business marketing balance

When we market our businesses we know social media is a very powerful platform for marketing. These platforms have become somewhat critical. The high exposure and return on investment definitely have something to do with it. There are more than 3 billion people browsing social media content…

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Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Do you know which marketing channel… delivers an ROI of around $44 for every $1 you spend? gets checked by 58% of consumers first thing each morning? has influenced 60% of consumers to make a purchase? Did you guess social media? Wrong…The answer is EMAIL. That’s right!…

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Fixing What Ails Your Email Marketing

Sometimes we all get stuck in a rut. You’ve found your tried and true method and plod forward. sticking with the status quo week after week. When is the last time you looked at your email campaigns? You’ve got your list, your standard header, layout, and monthly…

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Mobile Friendly Email Marketing

Smartphones in hand, Americans go out every morning and night to stay connected, in the know and current. With roughly 77% of US adults owning smartphones and 54% of email now being opened on mobile devices, communicating to your audience needs to be both user and mobile-friendly.…

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First Email Impressions Count in Marketing

How’s your email marketing game? Once you woo your customer and get their email address, do you wait to get in touch or reach out the next day? No need to play the waiting game – when it comes email marketing communications, it’s the sooner, the better.…

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Tips For Building An Email List For Marketing Your Business

Even with all of the social media options available at our marketing fingertips, it’s important to remember that email isn’t going anywhere. But before you can get that email drafted, proofed and ready to send, you have to have a solid base of subscribers in your fold.…

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