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Why Working From Home Is Something To Be Thankful For

Working from home: you either love it or you hate the idea of it. For me, it’s been a blessing to my family. With my job, I’m more thankful than ever to be able to work from home and still be with my son every single day. Finding a job that you can work from home with isn’t always an easy chore, and that’s why it’s something to be truly thankful for.

Why I’m Thankful To Work From HomeWorking from home

Finding And Landing A Legitimate Job Is Difficult

For months, I sifted through jobs that had impossible requirements or jobs that just simply didn’t exist. When I say they didn’t exist, I mean they had job postings, yet the job was fake. They’d tell you that you’ve got the job, then send you a ‘check’ for $2,458 to get your proper equipment. This happened all too often. Other jobs I’d looked at had tests that lasted for weeks, and if you didn’t pass, there was no second chance. You couldn’t apply for that job ever again. To actually find a job with a real company with real people, that was the jackpot. That’s what I felt I hit when I applied and began working with Beverly.

Who Else Can Work From Home, In A Coffee Shop, Or Anywhere They Want?

This is another part of my job that makes me feel so incredibly lucky. As long as I have wifi, I can work wherever I am needed. This is the amazing thing about working from home. You don’t have to work strictly from home! I can work on my phone if my laptop is not accessible as well. I’m truly grateful for how flexible my work is.

Sick Days? No Worries!

Although no one looks forward to sick days, there’s no reason to dread them when you work from home. Whether the kids are sick or you’re the one feeling under the weather, you don’t have to worry about calling out sick. Working from home means you can stay at home and take care of your kids while still managing to work. Of course, it will take a bit of multitasking, but it’s not impossible. This is yet another perk of working from home.

It’s Not All About Wearing Pajamas

There are plenty of reasons to be thankful for working from home, and everyone has different reasons. It’s not just about being able to work in your sweatpants or being able to spend more time with your family. It’s about having the fantastic opportunity to be able to do this at all. Not everyone has the opportunity to work from home and those of us who do know we’re lucky. Whatever your situation may be that led you to work from home, I know you’ll understand me when I say working from home is something to be truly thankful for. I know I am.

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