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Word Press Blog Post SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization is very important to each and every business website. It really is the key to being found on search engines. Understanding your keywords and phrases; makes optimizing your site easier.  Here are a few SEO Tips and to get started.

How To Choose Keywords & Phrases:

  1. What are the search terms that people will use to find your products/services?
  2. What categories of services and products do you offer
  3. Lists, myths, and facts surrounding your products and services are great phrases
  4. Check out this article on writing your first blog post here.

Word Press Blog Post SEO Tips:

  1. WordPress is known for the myriad plugins available. Be sure to add an SEO plugin to your site. We like Yoast SEO which provides a step by step/list type reminder for items you need to think about for your keywords and phrases.
  2. Use a clear keyword/keyphrase for each page and post
  3. Optimize your Title: Be sure to include keyword and phrase in your page/post titles
  4. Your permalink – page/post web address should include your keyword or phrase
  5. Your first sentence/paragraph should highlight your keyword/phrase
  6. Use your content to sprinkle your keyword and phrase throughout
  7. Insert headers into your content as a roadmap and keyword/phrase markers
  8. Always use an image or media in your post – make sure the title and alt tag include your keyword and phrase
  9. Update your snippet/meta description to ensure your keyword/phrase is prominent.
  10. Copy should be at least 300 words to be optimized appropriately.



Being found on the internet will help your business grow. We all want that right?  The use of a plugin walks you through the entire process and lets you know how you are doing! Don’t miss out on these easy to use tools and the optimization for your site!

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