Marketing for Small Businesses

Why Are Headshots Important?

First, let’s establish why headshots are important for your small business. 

Photos help put a name to the face, it helps individuals make a personal connection to the person behind the camera, computer, or business. Humans tend to remember the person behind the business when a face is recognizable and seems approachable even from a computer standpoint. In today’s modern world where everything is digital, headshots help create human contact even if it is through social media. 

Beach Head Shot ExampleHere are 3 tips to help you create a headshot from home! 


Pick a spot in your home that has a neutral color wall and one that isn’t busy. The focus is YOU. You want to be able to show your face and not have your kids colorful toys in the background. You can also use a white or black sheet to hang in the background to help block out any designs on the wall too. 


Windows are your best friend in photography! They bring in a lot of natural sunlight that can help brighten a room without any artificial lighting. Open up all your curtains, blinds and let the light shine. When positioning yourself, make sure that the lighting is in front of you and not behind you or on your side. Angles can create harsh shadows and make your face look dark. 


Wearing solid and neutral colors helps keep your images clean and crisp. If you want to incorporate patterns try to stick to one clothing piece that has patterns and keep the rest simple. Patterns can cause distractions and take away from your face. 

Lastly, don’t forget to smile! Creating these images should be fun and should show confidence! 

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