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6 Tips For Printing Signs To Capture Attention & Customers

With so much of what we do for marketing residing in the digital world, it’s fun when we get the chance to do something tangible. Events, printed advertisements, and in-store displays are tried and true real-world means of marketing for our brands and businesses. And let’s not forget the simple but trustworthy sign: simple, direct, and time-tested. But just because printing signs is a standard doesn’t mean there aren’t still things to learn about perfecting this most direct and long-lasting marketing method.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign

Whether looking to attract roadside attention to your small business location or promoting where you already have an audience, there are a few basic things to consider when creating and printing a stand-alone sign.

1. The Sign Size Is Right

Consider the distance your sign will be viewed and size it accordingly. Your best guideline is to stand roughly the distance you want your audience to view the sign and then choose your size.

2. Consider Coming & Going For Sign Placement

Will your sign be viewed from both directions? It may seem obvious but having a double-sided poster does just that; it doubles your impact with the proper placement.

3. Sign Messaging Should Be Simple

Don’t clutter your sign with excess wording or imagery, especially if viewed from a distance or while moving. You want the intended viewer to get the message quickly and easily.

4. Signs Need To Be Visually Clean

Large size, clean fonts, and concise wording are best, as are contrasting backgrounds and lettering. Bright colors pop but use them when balanced with a neutral to stand out.

5. Sign Imagery Should Stay On Brand

Don’t forget to stick with your brand’s aesthetic – fonts, colors, and logos are all clues to tie the sign to your business, even at a glance.

6. Printing Signs Helps You Stand Out

Just because printing signs is something we all are familiar with doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time and creative effort to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes that little extra flair or special touch helps your brand make a mark, and that’s always what it’s all about!

If you need help creating, designing, and printing the perfect sign for your event, sale, or special occasion, email us at We look forward to working with you!

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