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Tips For Building An Email List For Marketing Your Business

Even with all of the social media options available at our marketing fingertips, it’s important to remember that email isn’t going anywhere. But before you can get that email drafted, proofed and ready to send, you have to have a solid base of subscribers in your fold. You may think easier said than done so here’s a few ideas to start growing your email list and target the right audience.

Be the Source

You’re the expert. You know your services, your products, and your business inside and out so share that knowledge with your audience.  Use your email communications to offer insight on how best to use your top-selling item, specific benefits of the services you provide and facts and statistics on your brand so that you are the go-to when consumers have questions.

Consider hosting webinars with product or service demonstrations with login information available only to those interested via email. When you provide a unique value to your loyal purchaser or your potential customer, you give them the opportunity to be first to have the inside scoop.

Get a Feel for Your Crowd

email marketing, beverly cornell consultingFeedback from customers and input from your target audience are valuable.  Offering potential customers the opportunity to give input on what they are looking for as far as pricing, service, and experience may take them from a potential to a loyal customer if you work to establish a relationship based on giving them a voice. And giving a voice to consumers on what is working, what changes would benefit them, what new product they would like to see available is a fantastic way to let those most loyal to your brand a chance to be heard and rewarded.

Everybody’s a Winner

One of the fastest ways to up your list is to promote a giveaway. To ensure that you are working to obtain genuinely interested parties and not only prize-winners, keep your giveaways specific to your products and services. Consider a free membership in your owner loyalty program with additional monthly incentives for the winner. Offer services you specialize in as the prize so that the winner gets to experience what you do best and wants to come back to sign up for another session. If you focus your giveaway on what you excel at, it helps to draw consumers who are already potential customers into your base and just need that little extra nudge.

Email is a valuable direct consumer communication so ensuring you continually work to increase your reach helps to build your audience and broadens your reach in the market.







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