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Tailwind Social Media Tool Is Like Miracle Grow For Pinterest

Have you ever heard of Tailwind? If you have, you probably know all about what I’m about to tell you. If you haven’t, well, prepare to hear about another fantastic platform to help boost your Pinterest marketing reach.

What Is Tailwind?

I’ll make this easy. “Tailwind is a marketing application created specifically for Pinterest and Instagram. Great for bloggers, online businesses, and enterprises with online shops, this tool can easily simplify the processes involved in social media marketing. With this, you can get access to features such as content discovery, post scheduling, and conversation tracking. Moreover, it helps you measure results in real-time so you can adjust your marketing strategies accordingly as quickly as possible.”

What Can I Do With Tailwind?

  • Schedule Pins
  • Find the best times to Pin
  • Find your best Pins with the Pin Inspector
  • Join Tribes and have greater reach to areas you never thought possible
  • Pinning to multiple boards at the same time
  • Schedule multiple Pins to the same board at once

What Can Tailwind Do For Me?

How many monthly viewers do you have for your Pinterest account right now? A couple thousand, perhaps? Imagine seeing that number jump to hundreds of thousands of monthly views in just a month. This is what Tailwind has allowed us to do for our clients. You’ll save countless hours of mindless pinning just to have some kind of content up every day. With Tailwind, you can schedule your Pins months in advance.

Pinterest, along with Facebook and Instagram, is one of the three main social media sites being used in marketing nowadays. Pinterest can do wonders for clients and businesses who work well with visuals, such as craft stores or culinary based businesses!

Try It For Yourself!

Tailwind offers a free trial period with limited pins. I recommend you always try these platforms out before to see if this is something that would help your business. After all, who doesn’t want some help when it comes to covering all their social media bases?

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