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The Importance of Profile and Cover Photos

An example of a profile and cover photo.

Almost every social media platform has cover photos, and all of them have profile photos. Why does this possibly matter, you may be asking? Not only does this matter, it can also help your business get more engagement when changing and updating these photos. We’ll talk about…

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9 Ways Increase Engagement On Facebook Posts

Facebook engagement is important!

Engagement is important on Facebook, and we’re not just talking about a few likes on a post. Likes and comments are what keeps your post relevant. To Facebook, the more engagement you’ve got on your post, the more important it is. This is magic to the Facebook algorithm.…

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Facebook Posting Checklist

Social media offers a great channel to communicate to your customer. With over 1.5 billion profiles the opportunities are endless but there are some best practices that are essential for Facebook success. The following 12 Facebook tips are not the end all be all but a place…

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