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Social Media Marketing Ain’t Got a Thing If It Ain’t Got Some Graphics Bling

Okay, bear with us and the bad grammar, but we had to! Social media marketing for business is about content but also flash – graphics, videos, images. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and that even holds true more today in this visual medium. But how can you excite interest and avoid being gimmicky? By creating eye-catching visuals that hold value and promote your brand and products in a positive and engaging light. Flashy doesn’t equal shallow if backed with a solid message to your audience.

So get ready to dazzle with these ideas to make your social media presence shine.

What To Shoot

  • Product – Make your product pop by shooting from unexpected angles, zooming in on an element of the packaging, or multiples of the same item in patterns. Think of making art as well as capturing your product.
  • Location – Look around your brick and mortar shop. Are there fun displays to share? Cool shelving elements that have a geometric element to them? Does the outside of your store lend itself to shots that entice the viewer into your space? Try to see your location with a fresh eye to encourage others to do the same.
  • Staff – Sharing candids of your team is always a personalized way to get attention. Not only does it help provide a human face for your business, but it also allows your staff to have some fun in the process. Theme days, holidays, just any Monday can be the ideal day to share your crew in action.
  • Remember when shooting your images to be mindful of dimensions for the various social media platforms where you want to use your shots. What works best in Instagram may not itself to a Facebook cover photo.

Style and Pizazz Give Your Graphics Style

  • Collage – There are so many fun ways to relay images and get your message heard. Collages allow you to capture several images in one graphic and tell a complete story.
  • Graphic Enhancements – Overlays, borders, and cut-outs are a great way to add some color and creativity to your messaging. Just because you run a business doesn’t mean you need to keep things cut and dry. Add some fun graphic elements to your images – create a halo effect around a key product, add motion lines to create flow and give static images some oomph.  Adding a little flair doesn’t mean you aren’t serious about what you do, just that you know a little fun and humor goes a long way in humanizing your brand.
  • Infographics/Quotes/Tips – You can share so much information graphically that just doesn’t have the same impact in the written word. Create an infographic relevant to your customers to relay your knowledge about a pertinent subject. Quotes that support your brand ideology and tips on brand-centric topics reaffirm you audiences trust in you as a knowledge source in the field.

We Like to Move It, Move It or Video In Motion

  • Product Demos – What a perfect way to highlight new products or show how to use an item that may not be getting the play you feel it deserves to help it fly off the shelves.
  • Customer Testimonials – Got loyal customers? Get their take on what they love about your brand and business, straight from the customer’s mouth.
  • Behind The Scenes – Have a new shipment of items arriving at your store? Holding a training session at the store for staff and have some silly outtakes?
  • Event Action – Capture all the action and antics at your next customer event. It’s a great way to create shareable content showing your business in its best light.

Remember, along with creating engaging and valuable information to your customers, making that content visually dynamic a long way in makng your posts pop and get attention.

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