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Optimizing Your Facebook Page For Your Business

When we create our Facebook pages for our businesses, we want to broadcast ourselves in the best way possible. It’s vital to your business page’s success to have your page optimized. Let’s talk about a few tips to help you customize your page in the best way possible.

Taking Advantage Of Facebook

  • When creating your Facebook page for the first time, make sure you choose the correct type of page. There are pages such as local business or place, company, brand or product, public figure, entertainment, and cause or community. Pick the right one off the bat to avoid any confusion.
  • Fill out each section (name, about, address, phone number, username, category, website address, and email address) fully and with all the correct info. User keywords if you’re trying to rank in search engines. Make sure your keywords are related to your industry and your business.
  • Keep your business hours accurate. Do not let these hours come off as incorrect, because you will have some very irritated customers if they come to your establishment when you are closed, although you advertised you were open.
  • Make sure your username beside your URL is your name, yet short, quick, and memorable. is not memorable or attractive to the customer’s eye.
  • Set your profile photo and cover photo to represent your brand or specials you may have at the time. Cover photos are a great way to advertise specials, and they’re quick to see!
  • Use your Call To Action button. You can set it for booking with you, contacting your business, learning more about your business, shopping at your business, or downloading your app. Choose the one that fits the best with your business.
  • Set the template you want to use. There are several from retail to services. Depending on what you offer, choose what is right for you. If you sell products, choose the one where you can display your products in a tab. If you have services, display your services in the tab for the best chance of being seen. Facebook is always updating this feature so make sure to take advantage of it! This way, you are seen for what you do offer, not what you don’t.

Don’t Forget To Optimize You Pages!

By taking advantage of these tips, you can have the best possible experience on Facebook. We always want to drive customers towards your business. For more help, contact us here at Beverly Cornell Consulting. We’re always happy to chat!

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