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Emojis on the Horizon for Fall 2017 πŸ‘

What are emojois?

plural noun: emojis
a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication.
  1. “emoji liven up your text messages with tiny smiley faces”

How are Emojis used?

Emojis or Emoticons have been used for a while now. Emoticons can be inserted into communications multiple ways; you can choose from the library or use a keyboard shortcut to type it. Example, to add a smiley face, type: πŸ™‚ the app will do the job of converting it into an emoticon. More complex emoji are best accessed by manually inserting them.

Emojis are changing:

emojis69 new suggested emojis have been compiled by the non-profit Unicode and are currently in draft mode. Unicode is the consortium founded to “develop, extend and promote use of the Unicode Standard, which specifies the representation of text in modern software products and standards.”

What is the Unicode Cosortium?

The Unicode Consortium, founded in 1991, brings together software industry corporations, govern-ments, researchers and other organizations and individuals working on software internationalization and localization. And determining emojis across all platforms – who knew?!? In total there areΒ 2,666 emojis in the Unicode Standard as of May 2017. Wow!

Submissions are being accepted through July with an anticpated fall release so more may be in the works but here’s peek via the emoji reference website Emojipedia at what’s on the emjoi horizon!

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