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Beyond The Headshot – Make Your Small Business Team Web Page Pop

When you think of marketing your brand, what do you think of first? Logos, mission statements, and design elements like fonts, colors, and themes most likely come to mind. All necessary and key elements when looking to create a cohesive and dynamic look for your website that mirrors the energy you put into your brand. But once you have your brand identity in place, it’s important to carry it through to all that you do. That’s where your Team Page comes in!

Add Some Personality To Your Small Business Team Page

BC Associates Marketing Team One great way to resonate with customers while affirming your brand’s personality is to introduce your team – your first and most important brand ambassadors. In creating a Team Page for your website, you’ve given a face to the team that supports your brand. Marketing your team adds an element of cohesiveness that is easy to accomplish but often skipped when working to create a solid branded experience. Giving an actual identity to your team lets you share with your customers your company’s personality in a very genuine and real way. Here are some great ideas to take that extra step and make your Team Page pop!

Focus On Design For Your Website Team Page

Spend some time designing your Team page. Packaging your team is important as it adds a face to your business. People want to do business with real people, not just a brand name. Your Small Business Team Page shouldn’t be an afterthought with a few photos plugged in to check this one off your “to do” list. Putting the extra effort to create a vibrant and unique layout to your page will not only be eye-catching but show you know the value of your team and what they bring to the table.

Feature Team Photos With A Different Point Of View

Standard headshots are great for showing your customers who they are working with but why keep it so formal? Depending on your business, let your team’s creativity and personality shine through in their photos. Depending on your business, this could be fun and enlightening for your customers. Have a team member who loves the beach? Have them share a shot of themselves at their favorite watering hole. Any avid hikers or nature lovers? Let them choose their favorite outdoor location and show them in action doing what they love. It’s a fun way to let your team share that they are more than just a name.

Would your business benefit from a more formal approach? That doesn’t mean you can’t still get creative. Show your team in action at work – working at their desk, in a meeting, collaborating with others on the team, handling your product. You still can add warmth to your website while keeping it business-focused.

Have A Way With Words

Everyone has a cool fact to bring to the table about themselves, whether impressive or just plain quirky. Sharing some personal facts related to your business can be a fun way to personalize your team. Retail store? Have each staff share their favorite product and why. Pet store? Why not let each team member elaborate on their cat or dog! Looking to inspire and demonstrate the can-do attitude you promote? Adding individual mottos and words to live by to accompany staff photos is a great way to further promote your small business brand philosophy.

Take Your Small Business Team Web Page To The Next Level

In marketing, maximizing your message is ideal. By using every avenue available to relay a cohesive and success-driven message to consumers, you are further affirming your professionalism and passion for what you do. BC & Associates Marketing can help you move your business forward and create consistent brand messaging across all of your marketing platforms. Reach out to us at (971) 238-3759 and see what we can do for you.

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