Marketing for Small Businesses

LEAP Into The Marketing Mix

We marketers love a hook, a holiday marketing theme we can build a plan around and use all the tools we have available under one umbrella to make that plan stick. Make it cohesive, on brand, and add a dash of fun or humor and you have a solid initiative to drive traffic to your site  – either brick and mortar or online – and hopefully, drive sales for your small business.

Make That Extra Day Count

29 days in February only happens every four years so have some fun with Leap Day this year and put a skip, hop, and LEAP into your marketing this month.

29 Days, 29 Ways

Make the number “29”  work for you! Use  “29” to inspire daily promotions for 29 different products, provide 29 tips related to your business expertise, reward the first 29 customers who visit your store, or select the 29th commenter on your social media posts to win a gift basket to your store.

We’re All In This Together

Consider partnering with other local small businesses and encourage customers to LEAP from one business to the next by offering a punch card. Visit each business on the punch card and earn a reward to each store that can be used within a certain timeframe.

24 Hours in a Day

What would you do with one whole extra day in the year? Volunteer? Bake? Sleep? Tackle your To-Do List? Ask your customers to share photos on social media of what they did with their extra 24 hours and randomly select one commenter to win a 24-hour discount for 24% off one item online or in-store.

Leap Into Great Sales

Have some fun with this one! Invite visitors to your Facebook page to LEAP on over to your online store to check out your 24-hour sale. Take a photo of every in-person customer who actually physically leaps out of your store with a purchase and reward them with a gift card or coupon valid during an upcoming slower period for your business. It’s okay to get silly with this one!

No matter how you play it, Leap Day and any holiday can be a fun way to drive customer engagement with your business and your brand.

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