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How Is Your Business Unique?

unique selling proposition marketing strategyOn the surface, this seems like a very easy question. Most folks have a canned response all set. Many have even practiced their “30-second commercial.” But at the end of the day, most miss the mark. This post is about getting to the “real” unique you/business proposition.

It all starts with your story!

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Why did you start your business?
  2. What need did it fill?
  3. What emotions did it satisfy?

This will help you get to the meat of your business but still doesn’t necessarily satisfy the uniqueness. You may even need to start thinking of ways to be different today.

We are constantly bombarded with messages and images. Today’s internet economy forces us to look at ads and businesses constantly. That creates a lot of noise. What makes you and other people give a second look to the world around us? Things that are different. Unique. Things that make us go hmmm.

How exactly are you different from your competition?

Is it your:

  • Product Offering
  • Service Offering
  • Price point
  • Expertise
  • Unique process

If your competition goes left. You need to go right. For example, one of our clients is an alternative pet food store. Most stores offer vaccination clinics where they offer when and why not to vaccinate clinics. That would get a lot of people’s attention.Another client is not the cheapest around but they are fully inclusive in their pricing. That makes them the easiest to buy from but a bit hard to compare their competition to as many of them have hidden pricing that most people don’t even know to ask about.

Do not doubt for one minute that there will be some particular part of your product or business that is unique.  Maybe it is the way you sell them or the amazing post-sale customer service that keeps people coming back again and again. I recently ran across a local antique store. I have purchased 5 items in as many weeks from them. Why? Because they listen to what I need. They watch to see what I like. And they text me when furniture comes in that they think I will like. They even deliver! Talk about a personal experience. I am sold.

Believe me, if you look hard enough there will be something you can transform into a unique selling proposition for your marketing strategy. Read Seth Godins, Purple Cow! This book is a great way to help you find it. Then you will need to communicate it as simply and clearly to your potential target market. If you need help capturing your uniqueness please don’t hesitate to contact us at (971) Bev-erly. We love looking for purple cows in a sea of black and white ones.

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