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Gratitude This Thanksgiving From the BC Family To Yours!

marketing company who gives back to the communityWe love what we having going on here at Beverly Cornell and are grateful that we get to do what we love while supporting clients who, through their products and services and sense of community activism, we are proud to represent.

In that spirit and the spirit of this season of gratitude, we thought we’d share some of our favorite ways of giving back here at Beverly Cornell Marketing & Consulting.

April is with Her Family and a Fairy Dogmother!

April recently moved back to Michigan with a husband and two pooches in tow, and she has spent most of this year counting the many blessings that allowed that move to occur, as well as those that have come along after the move. Because of her husband’s ability to transfer out of state, April is finally able to reconnect with her family, in person. “The fact that I can have lunch with my Mom or check on my Nanny without having to rent a car and take an entire day of driving to do it… that’s priceless.” With the move to a new home in a new town also came the hunt for a new job and now, thanks to Beverly Cornell, she is working from home – which translates to more time with her dogs, who sincerely appreciate less time in the crate.

A fierce dog advocate, April is always on the lookout for ways she can help to better a not-so-great situation for her friends on four paws. This year, she’s been given the opportunity to help a neighborhood dog she has befriended. He is a young, ‘outside dog,’ who spends most of his time tethered and digging, out of boredom. His human family is very busy, with the grown-ups working and in school. After much planning and discussion, April is happy to become his Fairy Dogmother, providing a dog house, grass hay, snacks and heavy-duty chew toys, just in time for Thanksgiving. “I can’t always do a whole lot, but I can always do at least a little,” she said, “and love is always a well-received gift!”

For Jenni, It’s a Family Affair

Between working for Beverly Cornell and keeping up with all of her families activities, Jenni loves when she can find a moment to get involved and give back. This past year, she’s planned holiday fundraisers and food drives for local families at her children’s school. As the school’s Cultural Events chair this year, she’s working on tracking down educational and timely assemblies to not only entertain the students but give them something to think about – securing author’s for March is Reading Month to tracking down science demonstrations with mini volcanoes and stage performances by a local university, bringing new experiences to eager minds is rewarding.

She loves when the whole family can chip in and support an activity together and is excited when her kids get to see the difference that even the smallest gesture can make to someone. Getting out there and helping to rake the neighbor’s leaves, picking up litter when taking a walk in the woods, helping a friend when they need a hand and all the simple acts that make the difference. Both her sons are in Cub Scouts, a great opportunity to get not only her kids involved in activities that give back but she and her husband get to play a role, too. When we as adults work to support others and share those experiences with our kids, we spread the love. And who couldn’t use a little more love.

Beverly is a Soldier’s Wife and Foster Mother

Beverly does quite a bit to serve in her community. She volunteers at the Army Community Center at Fort Bragg and teaches new spouses and families about life on base. She volunteers in her church as a lector, greeter and eucharistic minister. She also manages her churches Facebook page and website pro bono. She is a foster parent and is currently in the process of adopting, her fourth foster child, a 1.5 year old little boy that her family has loved since he was only two days old. Everyone is crossing their fingers that the adoption will be finalized by February 2017. In addition, she has sponsored a child from Mexico through World Vision for the last six years. She feels very blessed to get to do what she loves for a living and giving back is part of her philosophy. Gratitude multiplies. Its as simple as that!

We are blessed for readers like you! We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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