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The Gift of Time

Busy,  busy, busy. Life is busy. And as we head into just about the busiest season of the year, the fact that we start the holiday season with a time to slow down and take a moment to enjoy the company of people we love over a meal so many of us are enjoying on this same day is reassuring. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to be grateful when there is so much on our plates – both in our lives and on our actual Thanksgiving plate, stocked with so much wonderful food!

Time Well Spent

When I stop and work through the details of everyday life – family, work, home and the other multitude of things that fill up each day – I realize what I am truly thankful for is time. Time to spend with my favorite people, time to enjoy the things I love doing and time to help the people I love and the community I live in. Working from home is something I value as my family is everything to me. And although technology does have its hurdles, I consider myself so fortunate to be able to use the tools we have available to do the work I love while still being a support and the go-to person at home.

When I think of the tools I use every day for work like my laptop, my smartphone and even wifi, along with the websites like Facebook, MailChimp, Skype, Google… it’s endless. And I truly treasure the ability to use these same tools in my personal life when we call my children’s grandparents on Skype or share real-time conversations with friends across the country on Facebook. I couldn’t do what I am able to do remotely even 10 years ago, personally or professionally. So although there’s a certain nostalgia to looking back and remembering when times truly were a bit simpler and moved at a slower pace, I am thankful to live right here and right now and am excited to see what it’s in store for all of us in 2027! Happy Thanksgiving!

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