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Customer Retention: Three Ways To Best Utilize Facebook Retargeting

Customer retention: Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Ads can be the perfect marketing and advertising tool for a number of reasons. I think we as marketers have a done a poor job explaining the ALL of its purposes. I could very well just be speaking for myself but I doubt it. So, for this post, I shall explain how Facebook Ad retargeting capabilities can contribute to overall customer retention. I actually attribute this enlightenment to a marketer named Drew Sanocki, founder of Let’s dive in, shall we?

Three Customer Retention Methods

I believe Mr. Sanocki attributes the majority of his knowledge to catalog marketing, which I happen to know a little about since I worked on Dodge Marketing Catalogs right out of college. He goes into excellent detail about how catalog marketing, one of the oldest forms of marketing, can easily be transitioned into email campaigns, on-site improvements and, yes, Facebook retargeting which I’m going to elaborate on.

  1. Frequency- the number a of times a customer buys from your business. My understanding is that at the point of finishing a purchase, the customer still has their card out and is still ready to purchase. So what better way to satisfy that than to put an after-purchase Facebook  Ad in their face the same day, maybe 20-30 mins after the purchase is made?Customer Retention
  2. AOV(Average Order Value)- I understand this measurement to be overall amount your customer base as a whole typically purchases at one time. I think this could be granulated to individual products and even customers who spend a certain amount each purchase. I say put up ads to increase the AOV and increase overall revenue over time. These ads could be bundles, or the usual upsell and cross-sell.
    Customer Retention
  3. Lastly, there is the Number of Customers. I see this as either new traffic or, the returning of previous customers who haven’t purchased in a while. We all have a store that we’ve bought a lot from, to the point of having seen all they have to offer. At some point, you don’t necessarily need anything from that store anymore and could basically drift. So the idea is to target this particular group of people with an Ad showing that you valued them as a customer. This also leads to cheaper CPA.
    Customer Retention


I strongly believe these to be super easy to implement. I also see that these are just really obvious forms of Customer Retention that are overlooked. Even more so, these methods are underutilized within Facebook retargeting.  I’ve reminded you of these ways to use Facebook Advertising for Customer Retention for a reason. Hopefully, you found these ideas as refreshing as I did. Let us know if we can help you with your Facebook advertising initiatives.

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