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Crisis Communications – How To Support Your Customers In Changing Times

Handling the unexpected and tackling challenges are necessary skills for the resume of a business owner. But anyone would be hard-pressed to have anticipated the level of strength that would be called upon to work through and find solutions in our current worldwide health situation.

As we look to our federal and state leaders to provide guidance and support, our healthcare providers and systems to provide care, and even our private sector to rally and contribute to the need for supplies and ideas, it’s important for every business owner to play their role in being stewards of correct information, safe service, and fair business practices.

No matter what your area of expertise or field of business, make certain that you are providing accurate and factual information in any crisis communications you send to your customer base at this time.

Turn to the Experts

When in doubt, check in with any associations or regulatory groups that govern your business for guidance on industry standards, keeping in mind the ultimate safety and well-being of customers and your staff is key.

Be Flexiblecrisis communications

Now is not the time to reinvent the wheel. Look to sister businesses to mirror their sentiment and determine what is right in this environment. Provide timely and thoughtful information to your patrons, you’re there to help as much as possible in this uncertain environment.

Just the Facts

When looking to share specific information on safety guidelines and current measures in effect, stick to the facts from the experts: the CDC, WHO, your state’s governor, and the federal government. Dealing in facts is key. Stay up on what is happening and provide updates to your customers as availability and hours change due to changing circumstances.

Authenticity is Key

No one has all the answers right now. These are trying times for everyone. Allow yourself some grace and honesty as we all work to figure out together how to do what is safe and best for our businesses, staff, and communities. If you’d like some support to help navigate this new terrain, reach out to us at Beverly Cornell & Associates. We can provide short-term support in the way of crisis communications or meet long-term needs as we determine what the future holds.





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