Marketing for Small Businesses

Bring On The Marketing Spark in 2019

Why save cleaning until the spring? What better time to get your marketing house in order than the start of a new year! So hunker down and get ready to tidy things up, spark some joy and hopefully light a fire under your 2019 marketing efforts.

Determining What To Keep & What To Give Away

Analyze And Decide

Analytics and reflection are your friends. Block time to do a deep-dive of your analytics. What worked well, what kept the status quo, and what just isn’t worth the time and effort.

Declutter Your Online Presence

Did your online presence increase as a result of all of the extra hours put into social media posting on pages like LinkedIn or Instagram or did you really only see an increase in your Facebook traffic? Allot your time accordingly in 2019 and put the bulk of your time where you see an impact while continuing to have a presence across all platforms.

Thrift Your Calendar

You can’t add extra hours to your day but you can determine if you’re using your time well. Did you meet deadlines, and have the team and staff you needed to meet your goals? Supported events that fit your brand and attracted new customers? What works on paper doesn’t necessarily always translate to success so looking back and letting go of ideas that didn’t provide results sets you up for a more focused year ahead.

Ditch The Mess

It’s a simple concept but one we often forget when in the midst of the day-to-day rigors of managing a business or supporting clients. Clear space, clear thoughts. Do a physical pass of your workspace and clear the clutter. Give your business a fresh eye and look at your retail space from a customer’s point of view. And don’t forget your digital storage! Clean out online folders, ditch subscriptions to online services or publications that just don’t provide value.

Get Your Marketing Spark Back

Save the nostalgia for that framed $1 bill on the wall or our first paycheck. There are most definitely things you tried in 2018 that just didn’t work out or support your overall objectives for the year. Taking the time to do an honest assessment of your efforts will start your year off with a clearer vision and result in a more finetuned path to reach your goals. Need a little support to help you realize your marketing goals? Contact us at and we’d love to help you grow your business.

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