Marketing for Small Businesses


Open Fully Remote Part- Time 1099 Contract Marketing Position

We are looking for an organized, creative, flexible, reliable, and self-motivated person to join our marketing team!  Fully Remote 1099 Part Time Marketing Position: This 10+ hour a week virtual work-from-home position mainly focuses on marketing duties for our clients. Working hours are fairly flexible, which makes…

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5 Small Business Holiday Marketing Tips

We are only two months away from the busy holiday shopping season. And for your small business, this is the perfect time to take advantage of early marketing strategies and tips to promote your company and kill it during the holiday season! 1. Start Marketing Early We’ve all…

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Don’t Overlook the Power of Pinterest

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn…  When considering how to market our brands, we frequently consider these social media channels, but what about Pinterest?! Years ago, we used Pinterest to compile boards about our preferences and interests, whether they were about fashion, food, art, etc., but it has since…

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6 Tips For Printing Signs To Capture Attention & Customers

printing sign, signs, branding, advertising, marketing

With so much of what we do for marketing residing in the digital world, it’s fun when we get the chance to do something tangible. Events, printed advertisements, and in-store displays are tried and true real-world means of marketing for our brands and businesses. And let’s not…

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BC & Associates Core Values

We celebrated ten years in business in December of 2021. We are at a point where this company is growing. We are looking at ourselves and who we are. We are a fully remote team who works with clients all over the United States. We brainstormed to…

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Fine-tune Your Marketing Vision In 2022

marketing vision, marketing plan, strategy, 2022

Where do you see your business as we look to close out 2021 and head into the new year ahead? 2022 may hold unknowns but there are some things that remain constant. Keeping a clear marketing vision for your business – what motivates you, what you hope…

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4 Ways To Select The Best Social Media Hashtags

Hashtags have been a part of social media since almost the beginning. However, some people still don’t understand the value, know how to use of them, or how to choose the correct ones to add to your post.  Using hashtags requires research and consideration to get optimal…

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3 Tips For Small Business Owners To Stay Focused

Get focused on your small business

Are you heading back into a busy work environment? Maybe you are still working from home but work is feeling overwhelming with the holiday season quickly approaching and you want to hit the reset button. Here are 3 simple yet effective tips to help you stay focused,…

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Photography Tips For Your Small Business Products

When working with our small business clients on marketing and social media we often ask for photography of customers, products, and more.  And unless they have a background in photography or graphic design they panic. If you need some “high-quality” product photographs to promote your small business or…

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Cause Marketing For Small Businesses: Creating A Genuine Relationship With Your Customers

cause marketing, small business

Cause Marketing. The term may not be quite as familiar as social media marketing or content marketing but it’s a simple concept that most are familiar with – even if they don’t necessarily know the name for it. What Is Cause Marketing? Quite simply, when a for-profit…

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Now Hiring: Remote Work From Home Virtual Marketing Assistant

We are looking for a creative, flexible, reliable, and self-motivated person to join our marketing team!  This work-from-home position mainly focuses on the marketing duties for pet industry clients, though this can range among our other clients as well! This position’s duties include but are not limited…

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3 Ways To Achieve Balance In Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

social media marketing for small businesses

When we market our businesses we know social media is very powerful and achieving balance on those platforms is key. We are going to look at three ways to achieve balance in social media marketing. As social media marketers, we try to establish brand images to make…

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Five Top Content Marketing Methods

content marketing for small businesses, small business marketing

From email to “influencer,” there are many ways to leverage and target marketing efforts to promote your business. One of the most genuine and organic methods is focusing on your marketing content for your small business. Creating Effective Marketing Content Is Key In creating and distributing valuable,…

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Why Are Headshots Important?

Beach Head Shot Example

First, let’s establish why headshots are important for your small business.  Photos help put a name to the face, it helps individuals make a personal connection to the person behind the camera, computer, or business. Humans tend to remember the person behind the business when a face…

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Beyond The Headshot – Make Your Small Business Team Web Page Pop

BC Associates Marketing Team

When you think of marketing your brand, what do you think of first? Logos, mission statements, and design elements like fonts, colors, and themes most likely come to mind. All necessary and key elements when looking to create a cohesive and dynamic look for your website that…

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3 Ways Small Businesses Can Achieve Balance In Social Media Marketing

small business marketing balance

When we market our businesses we know social media is a very powerful platform for marketing. These platforms have become somewhat critical. The high exposure and return on investment definitely have something to do with it. There are more than 3 billion people browsing social media content…

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Celebrating Juneteenth – A guide for small businesses

Juneteenth and small businesses

Juneteenth is just around the corner. Do you know what it is? And how your small business can help elevate and celebrate this important date? In this post, we will explore the history of Juneteenth and ways small businesses can make an impact. What is Juneteenth? According…

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Five Essential Digital Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

digital marketing tools, marketing, bc & associates, small business marketing

With so much of everything we do for work – and life – now done remotely, it’s a great time to look at online digital marketing tools and web extensions that are available for the home user that can help make the job easier. With so many…

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Three Easy Ways To Refresh Your Instagram Marketing Content

Creating new and fresh marketing content can be taxing especially with tools like Instagram’s algorithm constantly evolving. Finding new and creative ways to captivate your audience can be challenging. On today’s social media platforms content creators post anywhere from 5-10 times a week which evens out to…

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The Future Of Shopping Online With Businesses

Showing the future of shopping online

This past year, there have been a lot of changes that we small businesses have endured through COVID. We have had to bob and weave and market just a bit harder through a global pandemic. Some business growth plans were halted when Covid reared its head and…

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Facebook Likes Are Leaving Business Pages

Facebook is changing business pages. They are removing likes and only using follows.

Have you seen the announcements? Facebook likes are leaving business pages. It’s always been a bit hazy having both likes and follows. However, now Facebook has decided to make that more clear by getting rid of likes.  Before the switch, someone could like your page, but not…

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Small Business Marketing: What’s In It For Me?

What's In It For Me?

W I I F M ? This clever little initialism should be the first thought, and the first question answered when writing copy for your emails and product descriptions. We also call it “Starting with the Benefit” or “Selling the Sizzle, Not the Steak” but I think…

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Sharpen Your Small Business Marketing To Get Results

small business marketing, bc&associates marketing, marketing, digital marketing, 2021

The past year has brought so many unforeseen and sometimes insurmountable challenges to all of us. Small businesses especially have had to find new, innovative ways of doing business to stay relevant and focused on the needs of the customer and our world. Small business marketing efforts…

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Marketing Your Product: Buying Is an Emotional Decision

Buying Is an Emotional Decision

Why Do Consumers Buy One Product Over Another? 95% of all purchase decisions are subconscious, emotional decisions. And that’s not just me saying that—this is something that’s backed by science. Neuroscience has proven we buy on emotion, then justify with logic. This is according to Harvard Business…

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Four ways to help you achieve marketing success on social media platforms. 

social media marketing success tips

Why is Marketing Success On Social Media Important?  In today’s day in age, we rely on social media for many things. Learning how to’s, what the latest trends are, and so much more. It’s important to create a space that is uniquely targeting your business and brand…

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SEO, Google And How To Get On The First Page Of Google Search Results

google page one, google page 1, google page rank, google search engine

Many of our clients share with us that they want to get their website on page one of Google, but they need help. Google page rank is not a super easy question to answer. That is where my team comes in. We are here to assist your…

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Now Hiring: Virtual Marketing Account Representative

Job opening for virtual marketiing account representative

We are looking for a creative, flexible, reliable, and self-motivated person to join our marketing team!  This 30+ hour a week virtual work-from-home position mainly focuses on the marketing duties for our clients. Working hours are fairly flexible, which makes this position great for a stay at…

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Holiday Hours: Are You Letting Your Customers Know?

Holiday Hours

With the holidays coming and going throughout the year, Christmas isn’t the only time to let your customers know about your special hours. Here are some ways to keep your customers updated. Google My Business Have you put your holiday hours into Google My Business? Studies show…

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5 Tips For Taking Photos For Your Small Business At Home

Take Your Best Photos Stuck At Home   When you own/run/and are the product creator in your small business it helps to know a little bit about everything. You are the social media, photographer, product designer, marketing director, and the salesperson. Why? Because you want to save…

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Why Do You Need Project Management When You’ve Got To-Do Lists?

If you’re like me, you’ve got a constant stream of to-dos to complete. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! I’d rather stay busy than wonder what I could be doing. When you’ve only got a handful of things to do, maybe a handwritten to-do list isn’t a…

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Ready, Set, Write: The Value of Blogging

blog, content creation, marketing

You’re looking to get the word out about your small business. You have your website live and running. You have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business and every social media channel that exists. You’re reaching out to your customers and clients with a weekly newsletter.…

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Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing = Traffic For Businesses Whatever the industry, a large portion of your customers are on social media, and marketing to them is essential to grow your business. There are so many people on social media in this day and age it’s like a second…

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Now Hiring: Marketing Assistant!

We are looking for a creative, flexible, reliable, and self-motivated person to join our marketing team!  This work-from-home position mainly focuses on the marketing duties for pet industry clients, though this can range among our other clients as well! This position’s duties include but are not limited…

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Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Do you know which marketing channel… delivers an ROI of around $44 for every $1 you spend? gets checked by 58% of consumers first thing each morning? has influenced 60% of consumers to make a purchase? Did you guess social media? Wrong…The answer is EMAIL. That’s right!…

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Choosing A Business Name

I have recently worked with a few folks who are starting new companies. These business owners have their ideas and their passions and now they need to package it for all the world to see. They are at the beginning of their business journey and they need…

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Working Remotely Changed My Life

I’ve talked about working remotely before and how it’s not always what you may think it is. I’m here to tell you the good and the bad when it comes to working remotely, and how it changed my life. I have worked remotely for over 3 years…

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Don’t Leave Customers On Read!

Have you ever been left on read? Leaving someone on read means to read their message, yet you don’t reply to it. Friends and family don’t appreciate it when you do this, and I can assure you your customers don’t like it either! Customers have questions about…

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How To Get Back To Business Post COVID-19

As more and more small businesses around the country are getting the green light to open back up to the public in varying capacities, we all are working out how to get back to business post COVID-19 and a new norm. Meeting the necessary safety requirements while also…

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Why You Should Always Respond To Comments, Good Or Bad

You know having a strong social media presence s comes with lots of comments from others. These comments can be good or bad. It’s important that you respond to these comments and show that you do care what your customers have to say about your business. You…

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Keeping Engagement High During Low Times

We know these are some extremely rough and unprecedented times due to the Coronavirus shutdowns and shut-ins. Businesses are closed and people have lost their jobs. Over 40million have filed for unemployment. Who could’ve predicted a majority of businesses in the United States would have to temporarily…

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Using Facebook Live To Connect & Sell Online For Small Business Owners

Facebook live for small business owners

Facebook Live for small business owners has been crucial during the CoVid-19 pandemic. Many of our clients have had to close their business doors because they are considered nonessential services. However, there is still a way to continue doing business and also to connect to them while…

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Crisis Communications – How To Support Your Customers In Changing Times

crisis communications

Handling the unexpected and tackling challenges are necessary skills for the resume of a business owner. But anyone would be hard-pressed to have anticipated the level of strength that would be called upon to work through and find solutions in our current worldwide health situation. As we…

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LEAP Into The Marketing Mix

Leap Day Marketing

We marketers love a hook, a holiday marketing theme we can build a plan around and use all the tools we have available under one umbrella to make that plan stick. Make it cohesive, on brand, and add a dash of fun or humor and you have a…

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No Click Needed! Voice Shopping Made Easy

The holiday retail frenzy of 2019 is behind us! As the dust settles, e-commerce sales for the 2019 holiday shopping season were at 14.6% of total retail sales, per the Mastercard SpendingPulse™ report detailing holiday shopping from November 1 through December 24. Voice shopping is on the…

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Social Media for Business: What You Need to Know

Social media has changed the way we live our lives throughout the past 15 plus years. From when we wake up to the time we go to bed. It is everywhere and it’s powerful, therefore I don’t believe it’s going anywhere anytime soon. This life-altering platform has…

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2020 Marketing Goals That You Can Stick To

Bye, 2019! Hello, 2020! 2019 has absolutely flew by. I felt like we were just planning for 2019 events, and yet, now it’s time to look forward in 2020. If you’re just as baffled as me, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of ideas to help…

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Improve Your Social Media Images: Four Photography Tips

Whether you’re a beginner on social media or you’re a pro and have been using it for years, you probably use your cell phone for your images. It’s convenient and most of them take rather decent images now. However, most of the time if you’re doing any…

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Staying On Top Of Things When You’re Staying At Home (For Work!)

Working From Home Is Easy… Isn’t It? I was blessed with a very special opportunity two and a half years ago: to work from home. As naive as I once was, I thought working from home would be easy-peasy lemon-squeezy right off the bat. No commute, no…

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Create Positive Content For The Businesses You Support

Assisting the businesses where we shop with through creating positive content creation is should be as automatic as good manners.   However, too many people are anxious to post scathing reviews of their experience. They forget that both sides of the coin are necessary to provide a fair…

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Social Media Marketing Ain’t Got a Thing If It Ain’t Got Some Graphics Bling

social media marketing

Okay, bear with us and the bad grammar, but we had to! Social media marketing for business is about content but also flash – graphics, videos, images. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and that even holds true more today in…

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Meet Michele! Our latest addition to the fabulous BC Marketing Team!

Michele is our new Marketing Maven & Graphics Guru She is our newest team member and has a background in merchandising and design. Along with being an entrepreneur herself, Michele comes to us with retail and business management experience. As well as, a range of skills in…

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If You Can Think It, You Can Pin It: Our Best Pinterest Marketing Tips

Market on Pinterest!

What comes to mind when you hear Pinterest? DIY crafters with tutorials? Stay at home parents pinning organization and decor ideas? Have you ever stopped to think that, as a business, Pinterest could benefit your marketing strategy? The Numbers Pinterest was the fastest standalone site in history…

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Optimizing Your Facebook Page For Your Business

When we create our Facebook pages for our businesses, we want to broadcast ourselves in the best way possible. It’s vital to your business page’s success to have your page optimized. Let’s talk about a few tips to help you customize your page in the best way…

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Meet W. Dean La Douceur – Marketing Master

We are very excited to add Dean to our staff! He will be helping with a few new clients as well as marketing for Beverly Cornell Consulting. Dean’s Bio in his own words.  I am the kind of person who always takes your work very seriously, but…

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Tailwind Social Media Tool Is Like Miracle Grow For Pinterest

Tailwind social media tool

Have you ever heard of Tailwind? If you have, you probably know all about what I’m about to tell you. If you haven’t, well, prepare to hear about another fantastic platform to help boost your Pinterest marketing reach. What Is Tailwind? I’ll make this easy. “Tailwind is…

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We are hiring: Marketing Assistant/Intern/Graphic Designer

We are seeking a fun, creative, responsible, self-driven, highly organized, detail-oriented marketing assistant/intern and graphic designer to work 10-20 hours a week. This is a paid, long-term, and virtual, work from home position with tons of flexibilty for the right person. Marketing Assistant/Intern Duties:  Social Media Marketing Must…

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Benefits of Blogging in 2019

Benefits of Blogging

Did you know blogging has been around…TWENTY FIVE YEARS!  A whole quarter of a century! And there are still many benefits to blogging today! History of the Blog That’s how long the concept of a blog, if not the name, has been a part of our digital…

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Instagram Highlights And What They Can Do For Your Business

Instagram Highlights Example

It seems social media is always upgrading itself, and Instagram is no exception to this. There’s a fun new feature out called Instagram Highlights. While it’s not exactly a brand new feature, it’s still new to many who aren’t utilizing it yet. Many of you may want…

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20 Social Media Post Idea Starters

Social media Ideas

Social Media post writing can be hard. And coming up with fresh ideas can be harder. To play the marketing game, most small businesses know that being active in social media is a given. So you stake your business claim across all the platforms – Facebook, Instagram,…

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Internet Lingo History, or Cracking An Easter Egg

With so many new apps, platforms and technological advances in recent years, our language has expanded greatly with the addition of so many tech-related words to our daily vocabulary. Since we were a little hungry today, we thought what better time than to crack the mystery of…

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Summer Specific Marketing Strategies

While spring has sprung, summer is just around the corner. Summer is a good time to look at how your business and how it fits into the warm season. Travel The nature of the summer season often dictates changes in business traffic and a strategic summer strategy may…

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Writing, Graphic Design & Social Media Design Assistant Wanted – Do you love cooking?

We are seeking a fun, creative, responsible, self-driven, highly organized, detail-oriented marketing assistant/intern and graphic designer to work 10-20 hours a week. This is a paid, long-term, and virtual, work from home position with tons of flexibility for the right person. Writing, Graphic Design & Social Media Design…

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Spring Cleaning Your Social Media

Ah, spring. The season is finally upon us! We’ve all heard of spring cleaning your home, but have you thought about spring cleaning your social media presence for your business? You should! Its a time of growth and renewal. Let’s dive in. Facebook Make sure your business’s…

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Internet Lingo History or Emoji This!

Once upon a time, a cookie was just a delicious cookie. But with the increased popularity and usage of the internet in the 1990s, came the addition of some great new words and new meanings to existing words in our shared vocabulary. We thought it would be…

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Bring On The Marketing Spark in 2019

Why save cleaning until the spring? What better time to get your marketing house in order than the start of a new year! So hunker down and get ready to tidy things up, spark some joy and hopefully light a fire under your 2019 marketing efforts. Determining What…

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2019 is here! How to get the most of your marketing goals this year.

2019 Goals

Ah yes, 2019 is here. Resolutions have been made and broken. While we’ve been extremely busy these last few months, things will begin to die down in the coming weeks. While seasonal sales and specials will be disappearing for the next few months (hello, Valentine’s Day and…

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Why Does A Business Need Reviews

When I work with clients, one of the number one things I want to help them do is get reviews. Often, this is an overlooked marketing item. And many times, clients don’t like asking for reviews. However, reviews are super important. Especially, on sites like Google and…

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Social Media Marketing: It’s Harder Than You Think

When you see a job description for a social media marketer, do you scoff at the fact someone could get paid to play around on social media for a job? I’m here to tell you it’s not what you think it is. By definition, social media marketing…

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November Retail Holiday Marketing Blitz

Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday. Phew! The November retail holiday marketing blitz is here! But what to focus on? Where do you put your time, energy and budget? Can you hit all these targets without overwhelming or confusing your customers? Definitely. By putting…

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October is National Women’s Small Business Month

small business, beverly cornell consulting logo

October is National Women’s Small Business Month. Thirty years ago this month, the Women’s Business Ownership Act of 1998 was signed into law.  This legislation provided for women small business owners to access capital on their own, no longer requiring a male relative as a co-signer. Small…

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Four Key Reasons to Shop Local

“Shop Local” is a slogan prevalent nationwide, in the form of advertisements, bumper stickers, and word of mouth. While commonly spoken about, it can be difficult to pin down why any consumer would be willing to spend a little bit more at a “mom-and-pop” shop when a…

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Supporting Your Community Through Social Media

There have been intense discussions recently related to the responsibility and benefit of social media and its role in the greater media world. With all of its pros and cons, there is an element of connection and personalization that social media allows when we are experiencing a…

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Five Key Points to Look at During Your Social Media Audits

Social media audits are a necessary part of every business. While sometimes tedious, they provide an opportunity to review your content, your clientele, and your business to ensure that all of your content remains relevant and applicable, especially in an ever-evolving market. Not everyone has the time…

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Google Drive For Business

Google Drive is great for your small business.

While trying to find a way to manage your business, you’ll run across a few platforms. One of these will be Google Drive. If you’ve got a Gmail Account, you’ve got Google Drive. Let’s get into a few reasons you’ll want to consider using Google Drive to…

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Why You Should Be Using Pinterest For Marketing

Pinterest: we’ve all heard of it. You may browse the site in your free time to find ideas for decorating, food dishes, or anything else. If you would’ve said a few years back that this site and app would grow to become the third largest social media…

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How Much To Post On Social Media

When you’re writing up a plan for your social media accounts, you’ll need to have a schedule or an idea of what to follow. We’re going to go over a few guidelines to follow when creating your social media calendar for your business, specifically focusing on Facebook.…

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How To Use Instagram as a Sales Tool

Selling on Instagram can be tricky. While a fantastic platform for retailers because of the fact that it is centered around pictures, using it to sell has plenty of drawbacks that, for the uninformed, can make the app seem like it isn’t worth the effort. Instagram Does…

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Meet Christina, Writer and Social Media Marketer

Christina is a recent college graduate from Tucson, Arizona with several years of experience in marketing, sales, social media, and customer relations across various sectors. Her work has emphasized social media marketing as well as individualistic, hands-on approaches to the differing needs of her clientele. She has…

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Social Media Scheduling Tools: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to social media marketing, you have two options: manually put your posts in each and every day, or schedule your posts a week or more in advance. Which one seems much less stressful? Scheduling your posts out, of course. But how can you do…

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Five Online Photo Editing Websites To Check Out

You may be wondering, “Why do I need a photo editing website if I’ve got a graphic designer?”Well, I’m about to tell you. There are certain situations in which you may need a quick image created or you just need to add a logo to an existing…

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Importance of Captioning Social Media Videos


We know, we know… you don’t always just watch Youtube videos or scroll through Facebook from the comfort of your own home. Overhearing your partner scrolling through their feed and stopping to watch the latest news bulletin or NSFW video just requires a simple “hey, put it…

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The Value of Customer Loyalty Programs

Starbucks Rewards. REI Co-Op. Movie theater reward programs. We’re all familiar with customer loyalty programs that reward us for staying true to a brand. Offering repeat customers exclusive discounts and perks such as product previews and invite-only status to events, these incentivized groups look to make casual…

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Facebook Messenger Bot: The New Marketing Tool

Ask any marketer about staying on top of the newest trends and tools, and they’ll tell you it’s essential to surviving in this business. Enter the Messenger Bot. Bots refer to an automated system of replies to your common questions. If you’ve heard of Artificial Intelligence, this is…

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Want Email Subscribers? Connect the Digital Marketing Dots!

By the year 2019, it is estimated there will be 2.9 billion email users worldwide. With email marketing a continuously strong method of customer communication, investing the right amount of resources, content, and even rewards in your newsletters and messaging is important. From your social media channels…

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Customer Retention: Three Ways To Best Utilize Facebook Retargeting

Customer Retention

Customer retention: Facebook Retargeting Facebook Ads can be the perfect marketing and advertising tool for a number of reasons. I think we as marketers have a done a poor job explaining the ALL of its purposes. I could very well just be speaking for myself but I…

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Facebook Ads: Five Obvious Reasons Why You Should Use For Your Business!

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising: Why? Let’s chat about why your business should be utilizing Facebook Ads to reach your target market. 5 Reasons to use Facebook Ads First, according to data gathered by Statista, Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly users! Just sit and let that marinate for a second. Every…

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Twitter Marketing 101: Hosting Twitter Chats

In our last Twitter marketing post, I spoke about tips and tricks to step up your Twitter game. I had mentioned we were going to go over Twitter Chats and how you, a small business, should use them to get your brand into the Twitterverse. Below you’ll read about…

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Getting Personal With SMS Marketing!

beverly cornell consulting

Mass communications are just that – communication that speaks to the masses. With so many options for reaching your customer, consider getting personal and adding text messaging, or SMS Marketing (standard messaging service), to your collection of marketing tools. Up Close And Personal In our current environment…

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Fixing What Ails Your Email Marketing

Sometimes we all get stuck in a rut. You’ve found your tried and true method and plod forward. sticking with the status quo week after week. When is the last time you looked at your email campaigns? You’ve got your list, your standard header, layout, and monthly…

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Twitter Marketing 101: Tips And Tricks

Twitter tips and tricks for businesses

In my last post, I talked about setting up your Twitter account and learning the basics of this specific social media platform. Now, we’re going to move onto some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your time on Twitter. Twitter Tips And Tricks…

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Meet Dominque Harris – Ads Manager

We want to give a warm welcome Dominque Harris! Dom is our new Online Ads Manager that assists with Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google AdWords, and Analytics. He’s a married and the father of five rescued fur-children (dogs). With a background in sales, Dom fell into the world of digital…

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Online Ads Developer & Manager

  Online Ads Developer & Manager Job Requirements We Are Seeking: Part-time, self-driven, independent contractor to work from home with a dynamic team of marketers and clients on social media ads and online ads and analytics. Requirements:  Great writing/editing skill set Attention to detail Driven by timelines, goals,…

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Word Press Blog Post SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization is very important to each and every business website. It really is the key to being found on search engines. Understanding your keywords and phrases; makes optimizing your site easier.  Here are a few SEO Tips and to get started. How To Choose Keywords…

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Say What? The Value of Customer Interviews For Small Business Marketing

Customer interviews and vidos can revolutionize your business. So you think you’ve got your video marketing game down for your small business. You have a few Facebook pre-recorded and Live videos under your belt, you’ve gotten past the initial hiccups and deer-in-the-headlights dead air time, and you…

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Twitter Marketing 101: The Basics

Twitter marketing may be more important than ever since Facebook seems it may have taken a not-so-great turn for marketers. What is Twitter? Twitter is a social networking service and online news outlet in which users can post and interact with messages, known as tweets. It is…

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How To Ask Customers For Google + Business Reviews?

Google reviews are more important than ever but, how do you ask your customers for Google+ Business Reviews? Online Face Of Your Business Google is often the first point of contact between a customer and a business. We plug keywords and questions into Google to help us…

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Facebook Changes: Again. Don’t Panic!

It’s hard to believe that Facebook wasn’t around 15 years ago and how much it has become such an integral part of our lives now. The one thing we know is anything good, will change. And Facebook is no exception. Facebook is always changing its algorithm, mobile…

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The Importance of Profile and Cover Photos

An example of a profile and cover photo.

Almost every social media platform has cover photos, and all of them have profile photos. Why does this possibly matter, you may be asking? Not only does this matter, it can also help your business get more engagement when changing and updating these photos. We’ll talk about…

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Be a Lean, Mean Marketing Machine in 2018

marketing strategy

There’s a lot of media noise out there and the more players that get in the marketing game, the louder the din you need to break through to get noticed as a unique and genuine presence in the market. With changes on the horizon from platforms like…

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