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BC & Associates Core Values

We celebrated ten years in business in December of 2021. We are at a point where this company is growing. We are looking at ourselves and who we are. We are a fully remote team who works with clients all over the United States. We brainstormed to develop these five core values to explain what is most important to us and who we work with. These core values drive our business decisions, hiring, and evaluating of how we are doing. We hope you enjoy learning more about us.


Integrity at BC & Associates Marketing means we have strong moral principles, are self-aware, responsible, and truthful, and that our actions are internally consistent. Being reliable in doing tasks helps the team function successfully and builds client confidence. We do the right thing even when no one is watching and are the foundation on which our team and clients build genuine relationships and trust.


Accountability at BC & Associates Marketing involves every team member doing what we say we will do and, when possible, going above and beyond for our clients. Preparing for all meetings and ensuring clients’ materials are organized is key to providing a positive impression. Impeccable customer service is vital to our business partners and, in turn to their customers. Having tasks clearly outlined and meeting deadlines is key to building trust, especially as a remote team and vendor. It’s also vital as a team that our materials are in tip-top shape in case one of us has to cover for each other.


Collaboration at BC & Associates Marketing involves being open, accepting, and engaging with clients, co-workers, and vendors, treating each other as true partners. These partnerships should include being respectful, honest, natural, friendly, and enthusiastic when assisting clients, co-workers, and vendors. We build trust and relationships when acting genuinely and authentically with one another in meaningful conversations by active listening and showing flexibility and responsiveness with our words and actions. Everyone’s opinion matters; be respectful of differentiating viewpoints and open to learning.


Understanding BC & Associates Marketing means interacting with clients (and their customers) and co-workers with patience and compassion while helping us recognize one another’s viewpoint. Everyone comes to us from different backgrounds and experience levels from which to learn and grow. Caring about what others say, whether positive or negative feedback, being open, or having a difficult conversation, may give us perspective on improving ourselves and BC & Associates Marketing. When we are available for ideas and discussion and using questions to help find the best solutions and suggestions that benefit the entire team and our clients.


Innovation at BC & Associates Marketing is vital to our success as an agile small business. Marketing is constantly changing, and innovation touches every aspect of our work. Trying new methods or new tools must be part of our DNA. Finding better ways to do things and improve productivity in our processes will help us all be better. We must stay on top of industry news and trends. By sharing this burden as a team and being willing to teach our clients and each other through our team/client meetings, we can stay at the forefront of the evolution of marketing. We are committed to writing and sharing our experiences with the public via our blog. Creativity in our approach to clients and marketing work makes us valuable to our partners. Our ultimate goal is to create engaging content and graphics that tell stories, humanize brands, and generate revenue.

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